Our posts on local/rural development and EU policies, now also in English

Dear friends:

Since October 2013, I have published over 200 posts in my blog, focused on local and rural development, in the frame of EU policies and programmes.  I have written about evaluation, prospective and trends, and I also have kept my followers aware about new calls for proposals and other funding opportunities.  Since November 2015, once my professional odyssey sent me to Brussels, the blog is more focused in analysis and reflecting about these issues.

Until now, the blog was only published in Spanish, as most of my followers are also Spanish.  Currently, as I work and live in Brussels, and my target public might become more international, I have decided to publish also in English.  Hence, in coming posts written in Spanish, you will also see a link at the top, highlighting: “To read this post in English, click here“.

I hope this new feature to be useful for my followers, to attract more ones, and to contribute to wider diffusion of my modest ideas about local and rural development and EU policies.  In addition, I hope this to allow a richer discussion among readers and then deeper collective intelligence.

More details about my background and experience are always available in my LinkedIn profile.

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