My name is Miguel A. Gracia.  I work as freelance consultant, and I live in the region of Aragón (Spain).  Here you find the main stages of my professional life:

From 2009 to 2013, I worked as consultant.  Main achievements included:

  • Active work with Program LIFE+ for environment: design of 14 proposals, management of diffusion and communication tools for approved projects (including websites, workshops, dissemination materials…).
  • Strategic analysis for local development and for SMEs., mainly in food & beverage sector.  Customers included Chambers of Commerce and local authorities.
  • Support for local development planning and projects, for several local authorities.

From 1995 to 2001, I worked as rural development officer.  This was held at Maestrazgo (Teruel, Spain), one of the most unpopulated areas in Western Europe, under LEADER Initiative, and related programs.  Main achievements included:

  • Environmental planning, including use of GIS and Remote Sensing.
  • Support to 85 SMEs., to diversify local economy.
  • Design and management of projects on environment and employment, as well as on forest resources and natural & cultural heritage.
  • Experience as speaker in varied countries and fora (Germany, Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal…).

In the meanwhile (from 2001 to 2009) I worked as export manager for several companies; hence, I am actually familiar with overseas trade and with challenges of SMEs in global economy, and I am used to work with people from other countries, languages and cultures.

In addition, I am elected member of my town council from 2003 to date, so I am really familiar with law, management, and day-to-day of local authorities (mainly, but not only, in Spain).

My academic background includes graduate in Geography (1991), as well as postgraduate courses on EU policies and on Social Economics.

Currently I search for new opportunities and challenges related to local development, in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment.

My professional services include: local & rural development, strategic planning, environment, assistance for local authorities, assistance  for SMEs. in overseas trading.  In addition, I can provide you with specialized services through my professional network:  architects, archeologists, civil & industry engineers, economists,…

Currently, I work in projects linking gender policy and local development, as well as LIFE projects and promotion of lands stewardship as a tool for environmental protection.  All of them supported by European funds.

If you feel we can collaborate, please do not hesitate to contact me (please go to “Contacto” in this website).


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