Challenges or priorities in EU policy for regions and cities: a “termometer”

European Week of Regions and Cities took place some days ago.  I remind a Director at Regional Government in my region (Aragon,  Spain) that was very proud, as “demography” (she actually meant “unpopulation”) had been enclosed as one of subjects in workshops held during the Week.  She probably understood (or hoped) this inclusion meant this challenge to be converted into EU priority…and priority to be converted into funds.

Just checking the titles of workhsops can help us to check which are really the EU priorities: it is not a scientific way, but it provides a general (and probably accurate) idea.

Presentación1As you can see, main priorities dealt were innovation, energy and cooperation.  Instead, “demography” was dealt with just in one workshop…maybe a disappointing fact for our Director.  Or maybe a lesson for the future: probably regional and local stakeholders should use main priorities mentioned above as the tool to solve their problem. To create an innovative economy, to get profit from local renewable energy,  or to get new  methods for efficient cooperation among partners, are essential to keep local economics and then population.

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